The Seven Levels of Why

Discovering Your True Purpose

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It is only when you discover your purpose in life, that you can begin to live fully.


Do you know what your purpose in life is? Your WHY?

Many people don’t even believe that they have one or they use a bunch of flowery words to craft something that they think others will like. I believe that we have a purpose in this life and most people never have the chance to discover it. Well, today is your day to discover your purpose in life and answer that burning question “Why…”

Before we get into it, let’s step back a moment and talk about the technique we will be using today. The 7 levels of why, is a technique to find the root cause, driver, inspiration or purpose of almost anything in life.

Today we are going to use it to answer…. “What is my true purpose in life?”

As humans we spend so much time asking ourselves “What is my purpose?” and that question can haunt us from time to time, as we begin to let fear and doubt creep into our lives. We can start to feel like we don’t have a purpose or that life or that life is meaningless.

I’ve been there, and in a big way as a 9/11 survivor, but I was wrong. Life has meaning, the meaning we give it and we all have a purpose and should strive to figure out our purpose and to live into that purpose with everything we have.

Let’s start by asking ourselves: “What is most important to me in my life?” Is it being successful, is it being happy, is it having a phenomenal relationship?

Write your answer down and then ask yourself “Why is _____ important to me.”

For example, you may have said, “The most important thing to me is being successful in my career.” Then the next question would be “Why is it important to you to have a successful career?”

You may possible answer that as, “Because I want to provide the best life I can to my family.”

Your next question would then be “Why is it important to you that you provide the best life for your family?”

Then keep asking “Why is ____ important?” until you have answered it seven times.

Don’t get stuck on the exact structure of the question. Just make sure to include “Why is” and the word “Important” into each question. Like, “Why is it important that you have X in your life?” or “Why is having freedom, so important to you?”

Your answer to the seventh time you asked “why” is most likely your purpose in life.

The first time I used this technique to try and find my true purpose in life, it seemed so far off and I tossed it away. I then set out to do it again. This time I answered the first question a little differently, because I wanted to get to my “real purpose.” It was nuts. I got to the exact same place on the seventh “why.” So, I pushed it aside and did it three more times. Five times total. And each time I got to the same place. It was mind blowing.

Try this one for yourself, reveal your purpose, be with it for a little bit and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

Download the 7 Levels Worksheet