Weekly Goals

August 21 – 27, 2017

Coaching Business

1) Create Link to WhatsApp “Forward Faster” and have ready for Landmark
2) Record first week of videos
3) (sat) Bullet Points for days 8-21 of UR Masterclass
4) Get three Facebook Ad Videos done for UR Masterclass, Prep Ads for Launch
5) Develop Plan for FB Live (Daily for 30 days?, car, office, pre-record somehow?)
6) “The Gift” – Line up 30 people, decide on Zoom or Personal Meets, outline of daily exercises
7) Start Scheduling Interviews for the Gift

Reynwood (Hosted VoIP)

1) Sign contract with East Orange HA (already implemented), Get Meeting with Elizabeth HA Scheduled
2) Financial Review Complete
3) Work on Guidelines for Expenses
4) Create Better Landing Page (w/ Facebook Pixel) (Intro Video w/ (a) webinar and (b) review materials (email required)
5) Position Reynwood for 1-2 New Sales This Week (Referrals, Agents, Cold Calls)
6) Sign two new agents
7) Start developing Agent Engagement Program


1) Run 1-2 Miles twice this week
2) Eat healthier
3) Get back to green shakes in the AM and start eating more Alkaline (need to coord with Kathy)


1) Connect with Kathy, being totally present for her, every evening for at least an hour
2) Discuss Schedules for few weeks and work out any conflicts/challenges
3) Discuss FL plan (rentals vs. buy fixer upper).
4) Support Kathy with positive intent (work/move/opportunities)

Daily Questions

The following is designed to help with your daily accountability calls

Rapport (30 seconds)

Rapport just means simply saying “Hi!” or “How are you?” as you start your call. It allows both members to connect and catch their breath. Keep the responses short knowing that both of you will have the opportunity to share fully shortly.

Clearing (1 min each – if needed)

When the call begins, simply check in and ask each other if there is anything you want to clear? By saying the truth in the beginning of the call such i.e. “I had a rough night and I’m here” or “I’m feeling a little tired” will open the door for you and your partner to be more open and listen to each other more intently. It could also be, “I had a great night of sleep and I’m super energized and excited about our call.” If an emergency came up and you need to forward the call for a few minutes, this can be said in the clearing also.

Questions (12 min. each – including feedback)

  1. What were your Wins?

Personal Wins/Professional Wins:

Were you effective yesterday toward getting to your outcomes? Celebrate your larger victories and projects that you have completed. Remember to acknowledge the smaller wins. They count too. Give yourself a “Hooray!” for each of the bigger wins that are moving you forward.  If you are not meeting your goals and therefore consistently celebrating your wins, consider lowering your expectations.

  1. Magic Moments What have you enjoyed? Celebrations.

What experiences made you smile and gave you joy or pleasure? Did you connect with a child? Did you indulge in a treat? Did your favorite song play on the radio?  Remember that wherever you are, your body and surroundings are pulsating with life. There is always an opportunity to access wonderment.

  1. What feelings or challenges came up? What were your blocks?

Were there any awkward or uncomfortable situations? Did you feel overwhelmed at any point? What challenges arose that brought this on? Share any obstacles came your way, even if they were self created. Share this powerfully instead of bottling it in. Most importantly, leave out the story.

  1. Where have you lowered your standards / raised your standards?

It’s important to know that you are growing in life and continually raising your standards. We each have a code of honor or set of standards that we live our lives by. Do you know what yours are?

One way to raise your standards is to continually challenge yourself. By admitting where you are honestly lowering your standards, this allows you to see where in life you are playing a small game. Remember don’t be attached and have fun!

  1. Where, what or How have you Contributed?

Did you touch another life? How have you made a difference? Acknowledge yourself.

  1. What have you Released?

Release something that doesn’t serve you or holds you back. It could be something small or immensely large. What is holding you back in life from being fully present and expressed? You can release clutter, excessive weight, or a negative thought or emotion. Is there something in your space that’s untidy or broken? There may be a promise from the past that you made to someone that you haven’t fulfilled on. By fulfilling on that promise (or powerfully and authentically de-committing to it), you are freeing more of your mind and thereby being more present to enjoy and appreciate life. Is there someone in your life who you haven’t forgiven, perhaps even yourself? These are all elements of releasing.

Even if you release one thing each day, imagine what would be possible by the end of the year.

  1. Opportunities / What did youlearn? What have I learned from the challenges above and what new opportunities have now shown up? Were there any insights or distinctions overall in my day?

Remember that opportunities arise from challenges if you choose to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this for next time?” “What have I learned about myself?” Were there any paradigm shifts or perhaps a new level of awareness?  What can you choose to put in your schedule to avoid that particular challenge from occurring again.

  1. New Action Items/Outcomes for today:

What are your three to five most important outcomes for today? It is recommended that you focus and do these early in the day as possible. Doing First Things First will help generate momentum for accomplishment and completion. Remember to also schedule fun and play and strive to have a day with balance and joy. You deserve it!

Be willing to give/receive three to five minutes of feedback to/from your partner at this point, before asking “Intention.”

  1. What is your Intention for today? (Choose one or two words as a focal point or theme.  You can also base your intention on your outcomes for today and all that you have learned about yourself yesterday)

Who are you choosing to be today? What is your possibility? Remember that where focus goes, energy flows.

Your Why & Gratitude (1 min. each)

  1. What am you really Grateful for in this moment? What am you Excited about? (5 to 10 gratitudes and allow yourself to connect with the feeling. Choose 1 new unsaid item each day)

What are you grateful for in your life? Be completely in the moment as you share this with your partner. Can you share your gratitude and allow both yourself and your partner to feel the intensity of it? Remember this is not a laundry list. Connect to your heart, breathe, and smile as you feel the feeling of gratitude. If you like you can add your “Why I’m grateful” for each item.
If you are experiencing fear or lack at the start of your call, consider beginning your 10 Power Questions with Gratitude. The biggest combatant of fear is gratitude.

Wrap Up (30 seconds)

Quick Wrap up to call. Make sure to confirm next day’s call start time.